Having been established within the local community for over eight years, over that time we have strived and succeeded in building a strong local base with charities operating within the local community. 


Because of these links and our members during that time we have succeeded in raising money for numerous charities allowing for a new school to be built in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, and even just recently we have raised money for several cancer charities including the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Association. 


We at Equal Chance believe in giving back to those who have found themselves in need of help. Should you have any ideas for a fundraising event or would like for us to work with a charity you deem a fantastic cause, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do all that we can. Recent events have included a charity poker night with a raffle and auction or any other ideas you may have. 

Vinny Anderson won tonights Charity Bounty with Luke James (1 of the bountys) coming in 2nd. In the photo is John Hendry ,Billy James, Vinny, Luke James, Dave Ellis and of course our very own Chris Karanikki.