Welcome to Equal Chance!

Luxory Holiday Apartments in the Algarve

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As a family run business the first thing you will notice walking in the door is the friendly atmosphere throughout the club. One of the key aspects that ensures this is the great team we have, not only running the club but the team of dealers who will make you feel like you have finally found that club, the club you will want to come back to, time and time again. 

Whatever your tastes we will have something that will tickle your fancy. With a great range of poker tournaments you are certain to find a game that interests you. Do you like rebuy tournaments? Come down for our £10 Treble Chance Saturday tournament. Do you like deep stacks? Come on down for our Friday Manhattan tournament with a starting stack of 40,000 chips, and no that is not a typo. Perhaps you don’t like tournaments? We have a range of cash games which our experienced dealers will be able to cater for. Even moving away from poker, we have a range of Kalooki games which will challenge your brain for hours on end, a pool table, chess and backgammon equipment available for your entertainment.


Come on down and check it out, and when you leave, you will want to come back! 

Watch the video to see what we are all about:


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